What is Database and how it makes the life easier ?

A collection of little unique units of information is referred to as data. Facts about any item can be considered data. For example, name, age, height, weight, etc. are some data related to a person.

Posted Date : 12-Aug-2021

Since the 1960s, databases had come in the trend and were become popular in two different types. The first one is Navigational Database (Hierarchical Database) and the second one is the network database. Navigational Database depends upon the tree-like model which allowed a one-to-many connection while the Network Database allowed multiple relations, were used to transits the data. Even these ways were not so flexible and seamless. Relational databases gained popularity in the 1980s after that Object-oriented databases had opened the umbrella and get popular in the 1990s. Today we have almost reached the milestone of 5G, the faster speed and processing of unstructured data are vitally important to complete the scenario. When it comes to the collection, storage, management, and use of data, cloud databases and self-driving databases are forging new ground today.

Data is a collection of a small distinct unit of information. Data can be facts related to any object. For example, name, age, height, weight, etc. are some data related to a person.

A database is an organized collection of data. Database support electronic storage and manipulation of data. Databases make data management easy.

The main purpose of the database is to manage and operate a large amount of information by storing, retrieving, updating or deleting.

There are many databases available like SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Informix, etc.

Why do we need database?
  1. It is easy to manage small amount of data in spread sheet. If we have millions of records, it became very difficult to find the record we need.
  2. We cannot validate data we are entering in spreadsheet.
  3. .Spreadsheets does not support multiple users to edit the data at same time in same sheet.
  4. Data redundancy is easily possible in spreadsheets.
  5. We cannot provide security to data in spread sheet. Anyone can access your data easily.
  6. Database support good data access. Database are searchable and sortable, so that you need can be found quick and easily.
  7. The simplest answer is we need databases because they organize data in a manner which allows us to query data, sort data, and manipulate data in various ways.

To prevent above mentioned problem associated with data handling in spread sheet database is required. Databases are managed by the database management system (DBMS).


The following are some easy database project ideas. Choose one according to your requirements:

  1. E-commerce Platform
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Railway System
  4. College Data Management
  5. Library Data Management
  6. Solution for Saving Student Records
  7. Hospital Data Management
  8. Blood Donation Management
  9. Payroll Management Solution
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