Revenue Billing Services for Power, Gas & Water Utilities

We provide end-to-end solution for Revenue Billing and Management to all public utilities like Power, Gas and Water distribution companies. Our RMS solution UGO is an entirely customizable, industry agnostic application which can be tailored to suit and address the specific pain points of the customer and focus on achieving RAD-100% (Regular Billing + Accurate Reading + Deliver 100%) with high collection efficiency. We have developed unique tools and applications for meter reading, meter data downloading through Optical Probe/ IR, spot bill generation, bill distribution with digital POD for many of our clients.

We have also acquired unique expertise in MRI based Energy Billing for Power Utilities, and have developed a proprietary MRI Billing System through which we provide accurate and timely billing of energy consumers without manual intervention, based on demand and tariff, resulting in increase in revenue and reduction in AT&C losses and consumer complaint for the Utility.

Meter Data Analysis

Energy Meters log huge amount of periodical data related to supply, usage, events, etc. which can be analysed to arrive at critical conclusions vis-à-vis consumers and distribution network. Our Earth Analysis Tool provides numerous detailed reports and analysis of MRI/ Meter data, which helps Utility in Energy Audits, Energy Accounting, Load Survey Analysis, Tamper Analysis, eliminating theft & pilferage of energy and plugging the leakage of revenue.

Energy Audit & Accounting

For energy utilities around the globe, the key to efficient operations and minimising AT&C losses is effective Energy Audit & Accounting, by matching energy supplied to energy sold. Our state-of-the-art technology used for energy audit helps utility in detailed energy accounting including technical and commercial losses and identifying where administrative interventions can be made.

Consumers are tagged to corresponding feeders using proprietary technology. With this base in place, audits are done in real time for any given period and input and output power can be matched to identify and pinpoint clusters (feeders / transformers etc.) where the loss is incurred. This enables the distribution utility to take immediate corrective action to prevent losses.

Managed Services for Public Utilities

With expertise in Smartphone based Optical Probe Meter Downloading and Meter Data Analysis, we offer managed services to public utilities in field service operations like meter reading and bill distribution, spot billing, payment collection, irregularity identification, meter installation, consumer survey, site verification, GIS indexing, customer care services etc. This helps utility in improving their process efficiency by focusing on their core operations.

Field Survey & Data Collection

Field survey is one of the oldest and most trusted and reliable ways of data collection for research and analysis in a multitude of areas. With a vast experience in handling large sized human resource team in various field activities, we have developed proprietary processes as well as technological capabilities to undertake grass-root level field surveys and data collection activities. For public utilities, we offer field services like field survey, consumer mapping, and installation & commissioning of smart meters in AMI & Smart grid projects.

GIS Survey & Asset Mapping

We offer field survey and GIS mapping services to public utilities, to ensure accurate inventory of consumers, network & assets and tagging them on the distribution network with a geo-spatial view, helping the utilities take better decisions with respect to supply, maintenance and expansion of the network. This data can further be fed into Energy Audit systems to determine DT wise/Feeder wise AT&C Losses.

IT Consultancy & Project Management

We offer holistic, end to end integrated solutions for clients across domains integrating all aspects of their IT needs, with our expertise in Data Modeling, Big Data Analysis with Augmented Analytics and Data Automation, Artificial Intelligence driven Self Service BI and Cognitive Computing Based Reporting. We have expertise in developing user friendly, seamless, integrated solutions encompassing customer, sales, revenue, accounts, digital data acquisition systems using IoT as well. We also do social media integrated complaints management systems with machine-human adaptive compatibility, helping organizations to focus on their core competencies.

Managed IT Services

We offer specialized solutions to manage key IT operations of Utilities. We have got our products supporting various services like E-Procurement, Utility Billing System, Workforce Management, Website Management, Invoicing and Transaction Management Services, Meter Data Management & Analysis, Energy Audit System, Revenue Management Systems, Consumer Management, MIS etc. All our software are compatible to work with smart meters and are highly secured with SSL encryption and hosted on Industry leading cloud based servers ensuring that data remains within client specified geographic locations.